My New Year’s Resolution

Hi, my name is Josiah.  I am a history teacher living in Los Angeles.  One of the reasons why I became a teacher is because I love to learn and explore.  I came up with the idea of this blog in order to give myself a platform to investigate a niggling question: Can I survive without using things that were made in China?

Happy New Year!  Over the course of 2012, I have resolved to not buy or use anything that was made in China.  I am not doing this out of any dislike for the Chinese, their products, or their labor practices, but to see just how pervasive Chinese products are in the United States.  Can modern Americans live without goods from China?

I intend to find out.  Perhaps it will be easy.  Perhaps it won’t .  Either way, I expect to learn a lot.

Along the way, I intend to not only to abstain from purchasing products that were made in China, but also to get rid of everything that I currently own that is.  This will allow me to seek out alternative goods that weren’t made in China.  (To all my LA peeps, I don’t yet know when the “Great Purge” will commence, but I will sure you let you all know.  I promise you first dibs before Goodwill).

I figure that if I am wondering about this now, 40 years after President Nixon’s famous visit to China, I am likely not the only person to have done so.  This blog is for you, then.  And all the people who are interested in the wider implications of an increasingly globalized world.  And all the people who want to see me suffer without all the things we have taken for granted that were made in China.

Full Disclosure:  This blog will primarily be written on my MacBook.  There may be a few clever people out there who are thinking: “Aha!  He has already failed!  While MacBooks may be ‘Designed by Apple in California,’ they are most certainly ‘Made in China.’”  Indeed.  No comment.  Do allow me this one infraction.

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7 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution

  1. Awesome Josiah. I will follow and comment.

  2. I look forward to seeing how you do! Infraction granted.

  3. This sounds like a very big endeavor. I am rooting for you, but a big part of me thinks that this will be virtually impossible. Are you going to avoid bridges made by the Chinese in China but assembled by Americans? That’s just one example of the murky waters this task is about to lead you on. Even things that claim to be made in the USA are often made with parts and tools that were made in China. Will that matter to you? Or are you only seeking items that are made with American labor, regardless of where the materials come from?

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