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The Great Purge Begins This Wednesday

Faithful readers, this week is the week.  The moment in my New Year’s Resolution where I get rid of all of my current Chinese-made goods: THE GREAT PURGE.  Get ready for some cupboard-clearing-drawer-dumping-Goodwill-giving action.  I guarantee you will be entertained… and horrified.  Will I be left with a full wardrobe (at least we know I will at least have some shoes to wear)?  Will I have any dishes left to eat on?  Will I even be left with anything to clean with after the Great Purge dirties my house?

The plan is to tear apart one corner of my apartment every weekend, and then have a post written about the experience by that Wednesday.  I will be starting small… with the bathroom.  I will then move on to the bedroom, the closet and then the kitchen.  (Most of the stuff in the living room belongs to my roommate, so I will just skip it.  His stuff, as was explained in this post, is off limits.  That said, the TV is mine.  It is a Vizio, which was designed in California, made in Taiwan.)

Full Disclosure: I am not cheating by using Taiwanese goods.  I believe in the One China Policy.  Let me explain.  Essentially, both the People’s Republic of China (the big, communist China) and the Republic of China (the small, capitalist China on the island of Taiwan) claim to be the legitimate government of ALL China, even though neither political entity controls the entirety of the geographical China that they claim.  Any country that does business with either China must recognize one as true, legitimate China.  This makes it a little confusing to do business or compete in the Olympics.  The US, and most of the rest of the world, recognizes the government in Beijing as the legitimate government of China, and thus calls the Republic of China, Taiwan.  That is why your goods will either say made in China or made in Taiwan.  I, like the US, recognize the People’s Republic of China as the legitimate China, and am thus allowed to buy goods from Taiwan.

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