About Josiah

I am a world history teacher living in Los Angeles.  One of the reasons I became a teacher is because I love to learn and explore.  I came up with the concept for the Made in China Project in order to give myself a platform to investigate a niggling question: Can I survive without using things that were made in China?

When I began this project, I had never been to China, nor did I have any plans to go.  But life is exciting and unpredictable!  I ended up traveling to China for a few weeks during July.  My experience in China, admittedly, bewildered me more than anything.  While it did help me answer a few questions, it opened my eyes to many more questions that I should also be asking. Ergo, the blog continues to evolve.

Full Disclosure: I have a BA in Political Science, a MA in Geopolitics, and have had some training in research methods, but this blog is not a purely academic endeavor (there will be Wikipedia usage).  That being said, I will do my best to use to use lots of citations, triangulate them when I can, and hyperlink other relevant sites.


5 thoughts on “About Josiah

  1. Sara Peters says:

    Hi Josiah,
    Came across your blog from my friend Justin Zoradi. I’m particularly interested in it as (unfortunately), we are expats in CH right now…

    We are there for my husband’s job but spend a lot of our time home in Portland as the pollution in CH is un-live able…and you guessed it…due to manufacturing. I speak a lot about this on my blog…which, mind you, is blocked in China. Nevertheless, I have to watch what I say on it. sweetcarolineinshanghai.wordpress.com

    Anyhow, I support your efforts and have a resolve to do the same. Keep it up!

    Sara Peters

  2. Brad Stirling says:


    I am really glad you are doing this! I as I take it you are trying to only buy things manufactured, produced, and assembled outside of China. I am excited to see a price comparison; I hope you can afford it! Every now and again I get on a “Made in America” kick when I only but things from North America. It usually last about a week until I see my credit card bill, then back to Walmart I go. Keep up the good work buddy, we’ll be watching!


  3. anna3101 says:

    Hello Josiah,
    So glad to see I’m not the only person in this universe boycotting Chinese goods! Will follow your blog with pleasure.
    Ania from Poland

  4. Chloe says:

    Hi Josiah!!

  5. Mary says:

    Hi Josiah please contact me it is urgent i decovered a plan that only grow in china and i’m from south africa this plant is use to produce the loofah bath brash’ i’m need urgent assistance, contact numuber: 073 219 1383/054 339 0687

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